Some of my Decorative work done!

 To all of you in whom the two of us have met before, I say "Thank you!"

Thank you for inspiring me to tell my Life Story for the Benefit of Others

I am Benny the Installer who contributed to the beauty and the efficiency of your home? By hanging your window treatments, either of Blinds and/or Draperies.

                                                           (2001 - 2017)

Individuals like you are what contributed  to the happiness I enjoyed in doing my work.  I have met thousands of homeowners over the years and a large percentage of you and I engaged in small talk, and that led to a more meaningful conversation. Like, what was my life like growing up and in my younger years. Upon hearing a (smidge) of my past, many of you said, "That's unbelievable!."


I hope you remember my answering your questions about me. Many of you were surprised to hear of my unbelievable background. I could see by the look on your face that what I was saying was indeed hard to believe. What I told you about my past didn't seem to harmonize with my present personality. Yes, I was and I still am a changed man of the (50s and 60s! )


I have quite a lengthy story covering some seventy-plus years. Many of you were moved to say, "Benny, you should write a book!" Well, since I heard that so many times over the years, I made the decision to do so, especially since my retirement was right around the corner. Not too many men have had experiences  like mine. 

Why should you read my true life story?

First, I try hard to be a truthful person. With that in mind, you can believe what I share with you. You will learn about the hardships, the highlights of fun things we did, and the frightening events day and night due to the Devil's invisability and existance. Like my Theme states; If I Had Only Known, I can say this about my uneducated parents also. There are lessons to learn here.

Volume 11 will follow this one within a month

It deals with my experiences in Los Angeles in the (60s) at the age of (17). What a learning experience that was. The timeline explains a lot if you're over the age of forty. 

The (15) of the twenty years I lived in Los Angeles, were truly  a dangerous wild roller-coaster ride. There were drugs, pornography, immorality, and many other unhealthy habits. There were auto accidents, divorces, and jail time(s) as a result of reaping what one has sown. I'm fortunate to be alive to tell my experiences. Learn from them please.


I met many entertainers along the way. Stars like Jerry Butler, Johnny Mathis, Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark etc. Sadly, there were assassinations and serial killers in the City that I chose to hang my hat. 


For the following and other reasons I wrote my story

Many valuable lessons I learned the hard way, that you can apply, or share my book with those you know who is in need.  Whether we're aware of it or not, we continue to learn new things, whether it is from some form of media or, from someone like me.

Volume is now being presented to you.

It covers our early childhood on a cotton farm in the rural of Louisiana during the segregation years. I strongly encourage you to benefit from what you recommended me to do, 'to write!' Volume 11 tells of my running away (1600) hundred miles away from a man I feared, my own father. The biggest mistake I ever made.


Volume 111 is full of "good news" that I eagerly share with you. You don't want to miss this volume that brings an end to my (70) plus years of life's experiences. I guarantee you will not regret having spent such a small amount to be educated by someone you've met, one who has been there and done that!