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"Better the future of a matter than It's Start"   Eccl 7:8

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  • My autobiography is being made public for several reasons. I made a promise to many of you when I installed your window coverings in your new home. Remember, Nbi and Blinds.com? It was me, Benny, who shared part of my past life story with you. Some of my experiences were hard for you to believe. Why? Because you saw before you a respectful, mature, and hardworking man, who didn't fit that profile. No, I never committed a felony however, you'll see how close I came to being charged with manslaughter. You thought it would be a loving act to make my experiences known to the public. Perhaps, some conscientious ones would be motivated to make quick personal changes in their lives as I did before it's too late!. The graveyard or prison can come to the addicted one in a heartbeat!

  • Only the Lord knows how many times my life was put in such a position during my twenties.  Yes, those turbulent years of the sixties! I was not selective in the company I kept. My true story should serve as a warning to others. I abused the use of alcohol, drugs, also the privilege of driving. And those abuses resulted in severe automobile accidents in which my cars were declared total losses some five times. An old adage goes this way; "Experience is the best teacher."  But is it really?  What about learning from the experiences of others, like mine?  

  • Here's another true-life example that can make us not put off important matters for the next day. My older brother Abe was killed instantly in an auto accident that was not his fault. And, since the death of a close family member was surprising and somewhat foreign to me as a (31) year old, it drove me to pursue what was my purpose in life. Staring into his casket caused me to pause. I began to wonder, did I have a set time to die, and did Abe? Not long after the funeral is when I ventured out on my mission to find answers to many of my questions. I'm not talking about just any answers. I meant truthful ones, the ones that don't contradict each other! When that happens, it's not the truth! Why is the world so full of wrongdoing, if God is loving and so powerful? Matter-of-fact, was there a God and if so, would He show himself to "this" poor soul who's on a serious search for him?


  • So dear ones, It is my sincere hope that you will find my autobiography refreshing, informative, with a tad of humor. Upon hearing just "a smidge" of my experiences, many of you thought that (a Book - even an Ebook) would be well worth the time and effort.  Well, after (6) long years of typing (176) pgs totaling over 114,000 words with my index finger, it better be worth my time and effort. Not to mention my wife of some (48) years is threatening to divorce me. Soooo, sure hope that it is worth it. :)

  •      Thank you for the encouragement you gave me to - do this! 

                                        Hebrews 3:4                                           Benny                                                                                                             

"Finishing a matter can be  better than its beginning." Eccl 7:8
Benny is well qualified to write & publish his book. He has lived the life he's writing about. He's been a student and a teacher of the Bible for some (40) years. He is honest in revealing his past life & the present one. Regarding his spiritual qualification, well, ask for  some of the names of those in whom Benny was instrumental in their life. They'll quickly tell you.  

           HUMOROUS                       SPIRITUAL                    EDUCATIONAL                                                  Guaranteed