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Published 11/20/20

Falling into Fireplace
  BOOK I   VOL  I            1945  to  1958                   Ages 6 to 18
Trials Begin - See Pics
We lived on a Cotton Farm. We picked his cotton in exchange for his shack and garden's veggies. Hence,  we were appropriately called      Share-croppers!
      Cotton! Cotton! Cotton!  In The 1940's

          From the Back, I Watched for Papa

   BOOK I      VOL II 
      1958  to  1972
      Ages 18 to 31              More Stress Etc - See Pics
What drove me to a life of misery? What m me repeat the same sad mistakes over and pictures here, we ask; how could such a one survive (5) of these with no one getting  hurt? 
    Playing many Games
          Morbid Fear of Papa
          Very Stressful 8 to 17
Slave Labor as an Adolescent
In Vol I you will see why I went all the way to L.A. Ca. from Louisiana. You will see how  I  survived in the big city as a (17) yr old.  I don't recommend doing it to others. I did not have a normal and enjoyable childhood as you will see. Nor did I have any role models.
                     I felt too cramped up   1952 to 1958
             Good  Parents-Yet Out of Control.   Why?

Was There ANY HopeMe

           1958 to 1972

First wife divorced me,  my sisters scolded me, my landlord warned me, the judges punished me, co-workers enabled me, my doctors put fear in me. But, it was the sudden death of Abe               that woke up!
Before it's too late know the absolute truth. It's free of                   charge! 
             (John 8:32)
       Too Dangerous   License Revoked

Like Many-- I too was Ignorant of  Satan

Remember--One Reaps What's Sown

   BOOK I        VOL III 

           1972  to 2020

          Ages 32 to 77

If need be, photos may aid in your remembrance of me, since it's been a few years for some of you.

Do you recall our small talk about my experiences when I was in my twenties?  You were amazed as to my repentance. You were seeing a changed man right before your eyes. How?

What's been on my mind since we last talked is this;   I didn't tell you "how" I was able to break free, making a 180-degree turnaround, that has lasted some (48) years.  Nor did time allow me to share what I've been doing parttime in my community!

Since I've retired, my wish now is to let you know how I made life's changes!  I'm not sitting on my "laurels" counting the days, but active in helping others having issues that are too big for them to deal with! I tell in my book practical steps one can take along with Bible principals that endures forever. 


Surely you know others in need of such help. I'm involved with hundreds of qualified Tutors who're volunteering their time at no charge to those w avails themselves of such help. 



       BOOK  I      VOL III

             1972  - 2020


                                While  Beautifying Your Home
   You Planted the Idea to Write  Thks
   Yes, I do know that,
a large % of those who are in need will fare better if they only knew the truthful answers to their basic questions.
 Remember my case?   As a man, I started out with nothing but a bad reputation. No friends, no money, nor self-control over any bad habit I had.

    Commercial Job

 Hard at Work
  Part of  My Spiritual Family    2003
    2011 Convention Houston, Tx.
Worse Still is, I Didn't Have The Truth!   The Whole Truth!  And Nothing But The Truth!

                         I Searched - I Found - Now I Know  

 At Present Its Been Forty-Eight Yrs of Spiritual Light & Truth!

                                    Matt 7:7-8   John 8:31-32

  Speaking on Peace & Unity Among God's People


     At an Assembly 2016 

                              1. Why good people die?                   5. Who is God? And Jesus?                9. Is the end near?               

                      2. What is death? What is Hell?            6. Is there a Devil?            10. Are there wicked spirits?   


                      3. What does the future hold?             7. How to become a Christian?   4. Can man live forever?


                      11. Is the Bible valuable today?            8. What is Armageddon?    13. Who goes to Heaven and why?


                      15. Who wrote the Bible?                                                               14. How should we pray?                   

                            16. What does the Bible say about drugs?   and   17. What is the purpose of the Earth?                     



          I Found The Answers to These Questions Within Months  -  The Answers Lie Within

   What the Bible says About the Earth's Future - may Change Your                                  Life in a Good Way Forever - It Did Mine!

                           Tutors / Mentors Available at no Charge