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      Cotton! Cotton! Cotton!
           Welcome to my World                          Both Past and Present
These two pictures reflects the conditions under which I was brought up in. I lived on a Cotton farm where we had to cultivate and pick the cotton just to live in the owner's house and to use  his  land    to grow a garden for our food. Its                called Sharecroppers!
Slave Labor as a Kid
        Getting Out of Town 57'
My Morbid Fear and My Restrictions
You will see why I had to leave my home  at the age  of (17). I went  go all way  to L. A. California. I sat on the back seat looking to see if Papa was coming  after me.  I really  had  no enjoyable childhood.
        On Back Seat Lookjng for Papa

  My Book Gives Clear-Cut Details of What's Here

                        One of Five
                    Why Why Why?
What drove me, this young  man to conduct   himself  this  way? How  did I  survive (5) major accidents in a (10) year span, in which all (5) of my cars were declared irreparable?  Why was I kept alive? Did it help me to have my license revoked?                          
 6Two Down n Three to Go

             Was There any Hope?

My  first Wife  divorced  me,  my Sisters scolded me, my Landlord warned me, the Judges punished me, Co-workers enabled me, my Doctors put fear in me. And weapons sobered me!  Was there  any hope  for me, for this  young, naive man?
You  must  read  my  true life's  story! Much to learn from the  the negatives in my youth, & many benefits from  my godly wisdom in my older years! 
  Jessie  Me  Nate and Bob Standing 2003 
           After Enrolling in Bible School   
From my age of (40) to the present,  I have  given Bible discourses  explaining  how  to become a free-person, not having to indulge in mind-altering drugs to be happy. I share many Bible texts and how they're to be applied in order to get the desired results! Much research is done  on a  variety of  subjects that  I share in  my book. Guidance in family, emotional, mental issues are addressed, having a very high success rate. 
I had  to change my  association if I was to  improve my lifestyle and be help to others. That I did! 
                2011 Convention

Heading 1

  Speaking on Peace-Unity

My Spiritual Family

                                                   1. Why good people die?                   5. Who is God? And Jesus?                9. Is the end near?               

                                                  2. What is death? What is Hell?            6. Is there a Devil?                          10. Are there wicked spirits?   

                                                  3. What does the future hold?              7. How to become a Christian?          11. Identity of 666 in Rev 13:18?   

                                                  4. Can man live forever?                      8. What is Armageddon?                  13. Who goes to Heaven and why? 

                                                 15. Who wrote the Bible?                    14. How should we pray?                   

                                                                   What does the Bible about drugs and I16. What is the purpose of the Earth?                     






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