More About Benny's Life Story

                                        Cont #2
A bashful shy boy of an obedient nature,  young Benny could not have
imagined the painful, unique,  yet colorful journey that his life would have
in store for him. This is a main reason his parents could not understand
his behavior.
More importantly, Benny was also ( unaware ) that he would have to
traverse a road much longer, disappointing and treacherous, than the one
he took when he ran away at (17) years of age. What a "lifestyle" as you will
yet, see. It's hard to believe!
Benny's chosen path would often put his life in grave danger. It would
take him some (15) grueling years to get off it! A (true story ) that's written
by Mr. Davis himself.
"If Only I Had Known" chronicles the long journey and the lessons learned
along the way! Truly, all of us can benefit from his knowledge, understanding,
and wisdom that he acquired through spiritual study and trial and error.
Benny had no "role models" to point the way.  There's very little about life
that Mr. Davis hasn't experienced. He shares with you many Bible text
that he likened to highway guardrails. 
He had to pay a high price for the lessons he learned the hard way. Benny
shares his priceless solutions to most every issue that's hindering one's
happiness today! His plea to everyone is;
"Learn from my many mistakes. When correctly understood, The Holy
Bible is the best teacher there is, and not the old adage that is so
common today; Experience is NOT the best teacher."                                                                                                                                      

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