"If I Had Only                         Known the 



"Better the future of a matter than the Past" 

Eccl 7:8

        Family, Money, Health issues, Bad Associates-& Addictions...
        ..All Of These Can Be Dealt With - Successfully, Without Cost!
                       "Oh! If I Had Only Known"


"If I Had

   Only Known 

        the  TRUTH" 

"Finishing is better than a beginning. Eccl 7:8

                       ( Journey of True Transformation )

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Dear Readers,

My autobiography is being made public for several reasons. I made a promise to many of you when I installed your window coverings in your home. Remember, Nbi and Blinds.com etc? When I shared my past life as a young man with you, it was hard for most of you to believe. Why? Because you saw a different man a few years ago. You thought it would be a good idea to make my experiences known to the public. That perhaps, some would be motivated to change whatever bad habits they were engaged in as I had. I really hope so. You will see what I mean in my Bio which took me (5) years to write. The Lord knows how many times my life was in danger. He also knows the variety of dangers and situations I was put in during those turbulent years of the sixties! My not being selective when mixing in company, becoming a husband and a father in a marriage bound to fail, my abuse of alcohol and drugs  resulted in severe automobile accidents, in which (5) of them were declared total losses, meaning no repairing of them! Then, of course, there were jail times. 

An old adage goes this way; "Experience is the best teacher." But is it really? What about learning from the experiences, or bad choices of others? Those who have tried it says, this suggestion is the wisest of the two!  Obviously, many of you conforms to it's belief. For what other reason would you encourage me to write a book airing my past mistakes? I wish I had had a book like this when in my late teens and twenties. My book covers my life from as far back as I can remember, up to my present age (2020) of eighty-one. A lot of ground covered. I hold back very little of my experiences. Much to learn from. These are challenging times we're living in right now. They  are indeed unique. Take (the Spanish Flu 1918-1920), (the Great depression in the 30's) and the (Riots of the 60's), some say these happenings are not new. Look at history! But, today's events are happening all over the U.S. at the same time! The Corona Virus, the Economic Crises, and the Demonstrations-Riots are  taking place as  you read my book! Unique indeed! Therefore, we're all in need of true encouragement and clear direction. I mean the real deal, not mere words to pacify us.


I retired in the year of 2018 of my secular work and now able to devote more time to my work in the different Communities. My Godly calling, like yours perhaps, is to give appropriate recognition to our Creator, and to assist our neighbors as best we can, especially in this time of crisis. Little did I know before I reached the age of (31), that God could take our negative experiences and turn them into useful positives ones for the advantage of others. As I have come to know, our Creator was hoping that I would look to Him, not only to preserve my life but, to assist others in a spiritual way. My true life story will hopefully, produce in the readers a new way of thinking at the present and the future! It should give you encouragement beyond what, I'm you have already. Friends, at the age of (31), I discovered what the Bible calls "the good news," and I could see why it is referred as such. The Lord's prayer gives a "hint" of what it's about. My older Bro Abe had been killed in an auto accident and that drove me to pursue the Bible's message. That "Good News" played a big part in my repentance. You two, will greatly benefit from my Bio as I enlarge upon the trials I encountered along with the Bible knowledge. True answers are given on many questions people are asking. 

    Thank you for your encouragement for me to write my Story

                               "If - I Had Only Known"                                                                                                                 Benny                                                                                               

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