" The End is Better Than it's Beginning"

                             Eccl 7:8

                  The Beginning

   "If I Had Only Known




                       "The End"

  H -Exciting!- Educational"

 A Journey of True Transformation

This shy, gentle and obedient boy,  experienced many frightening and  painful years while growing up on a cotton plantation in La. Such families were known as “sharecroppers.”  Aside from  the slave labor of that workload,  Benny was taught horrible  superstitious stories by  older adults with little education. Imagine, if you were led to believe that the color of your skin, was due to a curse that the Creator put upon your race! (Gen 9)

Suppose you were taught that if you touched a centipede, (we called it a 1000 legs) all your flesh would fall off your bones! Also, he was convinced that the dead weren't really dead, because his  parents imagined that they saw and heard certain ones of their deceased loved ones. What fear!

Dear reader, aside from the trauma above, there were sufferings, and ridicule and pain resulting from the backbreaking work in the segregated south of the 40s and 50s. Mr Davis tells in detail what it was like growing up without electricity, indoor plumbing, heat, nor air conditioners. He had no hope in conditions getting any better. 

Upon moving to the city, his father put upon him unreasonable restrictions that caused Benny even more stress than he had experienced in the country. Though, his Dad meant no harm, it drove him away to California. It was there that he began to make a shameful name for himself and family! Fights, accidents, booze, drugs, jails and the worst of associates were the order of the day! Mama and Papa heard about his  wild and rebellious course of conduct but, couldn't figure out why. Mr. Davis' answer; "It was because I didn't know the truth, among other things!"

  In his book, Benny tells exactly what he means.