While driving down the road one day I reflected on the thought, "If I had only known." In fact,   you don't get to be my ripe old age without ever making such a statement!

     Some of you, like me, did not have a childhood from which dreams are made. Our childhood was full of agonizing memories that stayed ingrained in our minds, molding and defining us (13) into the persons we have become. We know our parents did only what they knew. While growing into adulthood, I experienced deep pain in almost all of its many forms due to my father's poor judgment, and my detrimental & harmful spirit. However, I eventually clawed my way out of the darkness and into the light and have been reaping the benefits ever since.

    I would like to share a few of my experiences of the past and present, which eventually led me to a path of genuine happiness for some four decades now. Starting out as a shy young boy in rural Louisiana, and transitioned into a troubled young man in sunny California.  I ended up though, like someone you wouldn't mind having as a neighbor, in this wide-open state of Texas, my residence. Hopefully, my life-story will help you (or someone you may know) to better understand why I chose the theme; "If I Had Only Known."  Personal experiences are not the best teachers rather, learning from the decisions of others is. In all honesty, you can get to know within a couple of months, that which took me a couple of years. Aside from this fact, it saves one from having to go through the many hardships I went through for over 2 decades. 

Yes, you will see what it was that enabled me to abandon such an addictive lifestyle in which, my landlord, my associates, my ex-wife, my coworkers, my family and others who said, "He'll never change."                      Ecclesiastes 7:8a