A Journey of True Transformation

A shy and gentle boy of an obedient nature,  young Benny could not have  imagined the painful, unique,  yet colorful journey that his life would have in store for him.

Nor was he aware of the frightening and  painful years he spent on a cotton farm as a “sharecropper.” His (not knowing) caused him  much stress that he had  to endure from  an unintentional,  over-protective father,  that would prove beneficial  later, after his wild and rebellious course.


More importantly, Benny was also ( unaware ) that  he would have to  traverse a much longer, disappointing and treacherous  road, than the one he took when he ran away at (17) years of age. What a "lifestyle" as you will yet, see.


Benny's chosen path would often put his life in grave danger. It would take some ( 15 ) grueling years to get off it!  A ( true life story ) that is written by Mr. Davis himself.


" If Only I Had Known " chronicles that long journey  and the lessons learned along the way! Truly, all of us can benefit from his knowledge, understanding  and wisdom that he acquired through trial and error, due to the fact that, Benny had no "role models" to point the way.

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