"Better the future of a matter than the Past" 

Eccl 7:8

  Issues with Family, Money, Health, Associates and/or Addictions
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"If I Had

   Only Known 

        the  TRUTH" 

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  • My autobiography is being made  public for  several reasons. I made a promise to many of you, when I installed your window coverings in your new home. Remember, Nbi and Blinds.com? It was me that shared my past life with as a young man. You found some of the experiences hard to believe. Why? Because you saw a repentant and a completely different man than the one described to you. No, I never killed nor raped anyone but, you'll see how close I came to murdering someone while driving under the influence! You thought it was an excellent idea to make (all) my experiences known to the public. That, perhaps, some  conscientious ones would be motivated to make  personal changes in whatever addictions, and/or, bad habits they are engaged in, just as I had. For, there were only a minute few habits in which I was fortunate not to have shared in. You will see what I mean as you begin reading my Bio in which it took me (5) partial years to produce all by myself.


  • The Lord knows how many times my life was in danger. He also knew the variety of situations I was put into during my twenties, those turbulent years of the sixties! I was not selective in the company I kept and I had no business becoming a husband and a father in a marriage that I suspected would fail. I abused the use of alcohol and drugs that resulted in severe automobile accidents in which (5) of my cars were declared total losses, which means no repairing of them! Of course, there were times of incarcerations, and that meant jail time. I saw no hope in me getting out of such quagmire. An old adage goes this way; "Experience is the best teacher." But is it really? What about learning from others experiences, from their bad choices, like mine for example? I wish I had had a role-model, an autobiography or something like this when I was in my late teens and twenties. 

  • The trials we're experiencing today, some say these are not really new. True. But, what is new, are the rioting, the pandemic and our troubling economy have never taken place at the same time in our U.S. of A! Yes, this Corona Virus, the troubling Economic situation, and the worldwide Violence by some Demonstrators will go down in history as unique.  With these events in mind, are we not all in need of hope, true encouragement and clear direction? Can we expect that things will get better? People do not need mere words to pacify but, proven wisdom to get us out of this mess? Do we have it? Forty-eight years ago I found the wisdom that King Solomon hinted at in his day. His godly knowledge and the teachings of other godly men, have helped me grow stronger and wiser, influencing me to live as an example to others! I haven't been dependent  on any mind-altering drugs, including tobacco, for decades! The divine writings  have guide me in assisting others in making positive changes in their lives and then, they too, are helping still others to do the same!


  • My older Bro Abe had been killed instantly in an auto accident and, because death was somewhat foreign to me at the time, his tragedy drove me to pursue what was my purpose in life. Learning  little  about our Solar System and comparing it to our time-keepers, our wrist-watches and the clocks we may have hanging in our homes caused me to pause. If, you were told that "no one" made these timekeepers, they just came together over time, how would you react? We may think such a person had a few screws loose, right? God is One who truly loves us. He is the Builder! And He has a glorious plan for those who want to be a part it. The Creator answers ALL our questions by mean of the Bible! It is my hope that you find my true, personal life-story refreshing and informative. After hearing just "a bit" of it while I was doing the work in your home, you thought that writing my story would be worth the time. After (5) long years, I sure hope so.:)

  •      Thank you for the encouragement you gave me to do this! 

                                              Hebrews 3:4

                                                                                                 Benny                                        If  I - Had Only Known"                               

    "Finishing is better than the beginning." Eccl 7:8

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